World longest undersea cable

World longest undersea cable to be built by google

World longest undersea cable

Google has announced that it will build an undersea cable, called Firminia, to connect Latin America and the US.

  • It will be the world’s longest cable.
  • The ambitious mission by Google will help in improving the access to various Google services in the South American countries.
  • With the new cable, the tech giant aims to bolster internet connectivity to users in South America and enhance its existing cable investments in the region.
  • With Firmina, Google has now investments in 16 subsea cables including Dunant, Equiano and Grace Hopper.
  • The Firmina cable, named after Brazilian abolitionist and author Maria Firmina dos Reis, will be the longest cable in the world.
  • It is capable of running entirely from a single power source at one end of the cable if its other power source(s) become temporarily unavailable, Google said in a blog post.
  • The announcement also comes amid a surge in demand for Internet and cloud services as the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more work, shopping and entertainment online.
  • Firminia, the world’s largest undersea cable by Google, will help in improving the access to Google services for the users in South America.
World longest undersea cable
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World longest undersea cable

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