What is intermediary status : Twitter looses it in India

What is intermediary status : Why Twitter looses intermediary status in India

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Twitter, a social media giant, has lost immunity in India as the platform failed to comply with the new social media guidelines of the Indian Government.
Twitter will no longer be protected under Section 79 of the IT Act and will now be liable for all the content on its platform.
  • If there is any charge against Twitter, then it will be liable for any punishment under any law, including the Indian Penal Code.

What is intermediary status?

Intermediary status was a robust shield that allowed Twitter to deflect any legal action towards the person putting an offensive post.

Why Twitter lost its intermediary status?

  • The trigger was Twitter’s response to the Modi government’s request for removal of certain contents related to January 26 violence in Delhi.
  • The Information Technology Act, 2000 is the law that gives the government power to take punitive action against persons putting out a legally offensive post and companies facilitating circulation of such a post.
  • It allows the government to block online content that “threatens the security of the state”.
  • Twitter has been named in an FIR filed by the Uttar Pradesh Police in connection with an incident in Ghaziabad.
  • So, Twitter is not immune to criminal charges for what somebody posts on the platform.
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  • After losing legal immunity as an “intermediary”, Twitter is now open to legal action for what have been termed “inflammatory” tweets.
What is intermediary status

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