United Nations Environment Programme

United Nations Environment Programme massive earth foundation to launch LowCarbon.Earth

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The United Nations Environment Programme in collaboration with Massive Earth Foundation has announced the launch of Low Carbon Earth.
  • A first of it’s kind unique initiative of Industry Acedemia Partnership, the program will provide a platform for startups to interact with established corporates to build collective capabilities for the industries in area of advanced sustainable technologies.
  • The program will further provide an opportunity for start ups to interface with corporates, leading technology companies and foundations to find innovative solutions.
  • Imparting a focused push across key functional domains such as Clean Energy, Clean Mobility, Clean Agriculture, Clean Consumption.
The earth can absorb no more than 3 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year for every person on the planet, if we are to keep temperature and rainfall change within tolerable limits.
Our lifestyles leaves over 12 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Important takeaways of UNEP :

  • Headquarters : Nairobi Kenya
  • Formation : 5 June 1972
  • World Environment Day is considered one of the most remarkable days for environmental action and is celebrated on June 5 every year across the globe.
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United Nations Environment Programme

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