Smart City Award 2020

Smart City Award 2020 : Centre releases a full list of Smart City award winners

On the list, Uttar Pradesh ranked top, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
Surat in Gujarat and Indore in Madhya Pradesh won the Smart City awards for their overall development.
The awards by the government covered themes-
  • Social aspects
  • Governance
  • Sanitation
  • Culture
  • Economy
  • Urban environment
  • Water
  • Urban motility
  • The built environment

List of winning Smart Cities under the different categories:

1. Social Aspects

  • Tirupati: Health Benchmark for Municipal Schools
  • Bhubaneshwar: Socially Smart Bhubaneswar
  • Tumakuru: Digital Library Solution

2. Governance

  • Vadodara: GIS
  • Thane: Digi Thane
  • Bhubaneswar: ME app

3. Culture

  • Indore: Conservation of Heritage
  • Chandigarh: Capitol Complex, Heritage Project
  • Gwalior: Digital Museum

4. Urban Environment

  • Bhopal: Clean energy
  • Chennai: Restoration of water bodies
  • Tirupati: Renewable Energy Generation

5. Sanitation

  • Tirupati: Bioremediation & Bio-Mining
  • Indore: Municipal Waste Management System
  • Surat: Conservation through Treated Wastewater

6. Economy

  • Indore: Carbon Credit Financing Mechanism
  • Tirupati: Boost Local Identity & Economy through Design Studio
  • Agra: Micro Skill Development Centre

7. Built Environment

  • Indore: Chappan Dukan
  • Surat: Canal Corridor

8. Water

  • Dehradun: Smart Water Metering Water ATM
  • Varanasi: Eco-Restoration of Assi River
  • Surat: Integrated and Sustainable Water Supply System

9. Urban Mobility

  • Aurangabad: Majhi Smart Buses
  • Surat: Dynamic Scheduling Buses
  • Ahmedabad: Man-less parking system and automatic ticket dispensing machines AMDA Park

10. Innovative Idea Award

  • Indore: Carbon Credit Financing Mechanism
  • Chandigarh: For Union Territories

11. Covid Innovation Award

  • Kalyan-Dombivali and Varanasi
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Smart City Award 2020

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