Russia pulls out Open Sky Treaty

Russia pulls out Open Sky Treaty : It’s features, aim, background and all important details, you must know!

Russia pulls out Open Sky Treaty

Russia has signed a law that formalized the country’s exit from the Open Skies Treaty.

  • The decision was announced after the US informed that it will not be rejoining the treaty.
  • Russia had called the move by the US Government a political mistake.

Why this move ?

  • The move comes after US President Joe Biden informed that the United States will not rejoin the Open Skies Treaty with Russia in response to the country’s failure to take any actions to return to compliance.

Open Sky treaty background :

  • It was first proposed by USA in 1955 to deescalate tensions during the Cold War.
  • This treaty was eventually signed in 1992 between NATO members and former Warsaw Pact countries following the demise of the Soviet Union.
  • It finally came into effect in 2002.
  • India is not a member of this treaty.


  • The OST aims at building confidence among its 34 signatories countries through mutual openness, thus reducing the chances of accidental war.

Features of the treaty:

  • Under the treaty, a member state can “spy” on any part of the host nation, with the latter’s consent.
  • A country can undertake aerial imaging over the host state after giving notice 72 hours before, and sharing its exact flight path 24 hours before.
  • The information gathered, such as on troop movements, military exercises and missile deployments, has to be shared with all member states.
Russia pulls out Open Sky Treaty
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Russia pulls out Open Sky Treaty

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Russia pulls out Open Sky Treaty

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