Pfizer moderna vaccine India / its effectiveness

Pfizer moderna vaccine India / All important points of Pfizer, moderna vaccine

Pfizer moderna vaccine India
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To speed up the procedure of vaccination in India, the government has been in consistent talks with pharma gaints of the US.

Moderna is expected to launch it’s vaccine in India in 2022 and Pfizer will be offering 5 crore doses in 2021.

Pfizer can supply one crore vaccine doses in July, one crore in August, two crore in September and another one crore in October.

  • The company had issued a statement on Monday that it will only deal with the central government on the issue of supplying vaccines.
  • As per the information furnished by Pfizer, around 116 countries in the world including the USA have singed the indemnification document.

Moderna vaccine

Pfizer moderna vaccine India
Pfizer moderna vaccine India
  • Moderna uses synthetic ribonucleic acid ( RNA ) messengers to protect the body against SARS – COV – 2 infection.
  • It was developed by in collaboration with U.S National Institutes of Health.
  • This sparks an immunological response and block the virus from attaching the cells.
  • It is an alternative to Pfizer vaccine.
  • 94% effectiveness rate.

Pfizer vaccine

  • 95% effectiveness rate at preventing infection.
  • This creates immunity and prevents virus from taking hold.
  • Currently being rolled out in the UK, the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech.
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Pfizer moderna vaccine India
Pfizer moderna vaccine India

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