Most Charitable Countries 2021

Most Charitable Countries 2021 : Indonesia tops, India ranks 14 as World Giving Index 2021

Most Charitable Countries 2021
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Indonesia remains in 1st place followed by Kenya.

India is the 14th most charitable country in the world, as per World Giving Index 2021 released by the Charities Air Foundation’s ( CAF ).

  • India is now in the top 20 most generous countries in the world which is up from the 10 yrs global rank of 82.
  • 61% of the Indians helped strangers, 34% volunteered, and 36% donated money.
  • More than half (55 per cent) of the world’s adults – or 3 billion people – reported helping someone they didn’t know in 2020.
  • The report says, Scores for India rapidly improved between 2017 and 2019, and this improvement was maintained during 2020.
  • The improvement in India is seen across all the age groups and amongst both men and women.
  • Indonesia has the highest Index score overall of 69 percent.
  • Other countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kosovo have also moved up in their rankings and made their first appearance in the top 10.
  • Only Australia and New Zealand, where the survey was undertaken in the weeks before the first wave of the pandemic took hold, maintained their top 10 rankings.
  • The WGI is a global survey, which has interviewed more than 1.6 million people.
Most Charitable Countries 2021
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Most Charitable Countries 2021

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