Israel President 2021

Israel President 2021 : Labor Veteran Issac Herzog elected as 11th Israel’s President

Israel President 2021
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The former labor leader Issac Herzog has become the 11th President of Israel.

He was elected for the position with the support of an overwhelming 87 lawmakers in 120 member house.

  • Herzog will replace President Reuven Rivlin, who was elected as a President in 2014, and will assume his position as Israel’s President on July 9, 2021.
  • He will also be the first President is the son of former President Chaim Herzog.
  • Issac Herzog was also Netanyahu’s opponent in the 2015 elections for PM.
  • He is currently the head of the Jewish Agency which is a non-profit that works with the government to promote immigration to Israel.

President’s details

  • He is scion of a prominent Zionist family.
  • His father, Chaim Herzog, was Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations before being elected president.
  • His uncle, Abba Eban, was Israel’s first foreign minister and ambassador to the United Nations and United States.
  • His grandfather was the country’s first chief rabbi.

Important takeaways of Israel :

  • Capital : Jerusalem
  • Currency : New Shekel
  • Prime minister : Benjamin Netanyahu
  • President : Issac Herzog
Israel President 2021
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Israel President 2021

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