Israel New Prime Minister

Israel New Prime Minister : Benjamin Netanyahu dethroned after record 12 year run, Naftali Bennett becomes new Israel PM

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Israel New Prime Minister
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Naftali Bennet was on 13 June 2021 sworn in as the New Prime Minister of Israel.

  • His Victory ended the 12 years power of former PM Benjamin Netanyahu, the country’s longest serving leader.
  • Bennet leader of the right wing Yamini Party, took oath of office after the Israeli parliament knesset ellected him as the 13th PM by a 60 – 59 vote in 120 member house.
  • He will be PM until September 2023.
  • The new Prime Minister is a former aide to Netanyahu and is considered to the right of the outgoing leader. The centrist Yair Lapid, 57, will replace Bennett as PM after two years, if their fragile government survives till then.
  • Netanyahu, Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister, is on trial for fraud, and he fell short of obtaining majority support after the general election in March this year — the country’s fourth inconclusive vote in two years.
  • Bennett, a 49-year-old politician with American parents is a former tech entrepreneur who made millions before switching to, and getting deeply involved in, rightwing politics and a religious-nationalist political position.
Israel New Prime Minister
New President of Israel, 2021
Israel New Prime Minister

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