INS Dhruv Launched

INS Dhruv Launched : India’s first ballistic missile ship ( With key features )

INS Dhruv Launched
India has launched its first ballistic missile and satellite tracking ship INS Dhruv.

key points :

  • It has been built by Hindustan Shipyard along with DRDO and NTRO.
  • The ship costs around 1500 crores..
  • It is a 10,000 tonne vessel and it will be commissioned from southern Indian port of Visakhapatnam.
  • It is designed by Vik Sandvik Design India.

key features of INS Dhruv :

  • INS Dhruv will be the latest weapon in Indian Navy’s arsenal.
  • It will be jointly operated by National Technical Research Organisation, Defence Research and Development Organisation and the Indian Navy.
  • The ship has the capability to provide early warning of attacks by ballistic missiles launched from Pakistan and China, according to reports.
  • It can attain a speed of 21 knots and is powered by two imported 9,000 kilowatts combined diesel and diesel (CODAD) configuration engines and three 1200 kilowatt auxiliary generators.
  • It has capability to map ocean beds from research as well as detection of enemy submarines.

INS Dhruv :

INS Dhruv is a research vessel and missile range instrumentation ship built by India’s Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL).

The ship was earlier only known by it’s shipyard designated yard number as VC-11184.

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INS Dhruv Launched

INS Dhruv Launched

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