Guidelines against sexual abuse

Guidelines against sexual abuse during online classes announced by Tamil Nadu Government

Tamil Nadu Government had released guidelines for protecting school students from sexual abuse.

The regulation states that every school should have an 8 member student protection counsel group.
The group should consist of the school
  • Headmaster or Hveadmistress
  • Teachers
  • Members of the parent teachers association
  • Non teaching staff
  • out side members and management representatives.

Key guidelines :

  • During virtual classes, both the faculty and students should follow a dress code, appropriate for classroom settings.
  • All online classes should be recorded and a random audit should be undertaken by SSAC periodically.
  • All interaction between CCC and callers would be documented and kept strictly confidential.
  • The principal will be a permanent member and 50 percent of the members should be replaced annually and no member should continue in the committee beyond two years.
  • All members of the teaching and non-teaching staff and management have to mandatorily complete an annual orientation on sexual offences defined under POCSO Act 2012.
  • The feedback in this will be reviewed periodically by members of the committee on campus.

Highlights :

  • Following several complaints that led to arrests of a CBSE school teacher, an international school founder, an athletics coach and a martial arts instructor over sexual harassment.
  • Subsequently, an athletics coach and an instructor of martial arts were also arrested for sexual harassment of girls.
  • On June 16, founder of an international school near here, who is also a self-styled Godman, was arrested in Delhi and brought to Chennai and remanded to judicial custody.
  • He was arrested on the basis of complaint of victims alleging they were sexually harassed at the school.
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Guidelines against sexual abuse
Guidelines against sexual abuse

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