Global facility launched by WHO

Global facility launched by WHO for pathogen storage, sharing and analysis / BioHub

Global facility launched by WHO
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The World Health Organization ( WHO ) and Switzerland have signed an MoU to launch a BioHub facility.

  • MoU : Memorandum Of Understanding
  • It will allow rapid sharing of pathogens between laboratories and partners to facilitate better analysis and preparedness against them.
  • The BioHub system is an important step towards facilitating this flow of information.
  • Switzerland supports the WHO BioHub initiative in it’s initial phase by providing the necessary infrastructure of a swiss biosafety laboratory in Spiez.
  • This facility will facilitate global preparedness against these pathogens.

The facility will help in the :

  • Safe reception
  • Sequencing
  • Storage
  • Preparation of biological materials

The biohub will enable Member States to share biological material under pre – agreed conditions, including biosafety, bio security and other applicable regulations.

It will contribute to the establishment of an international exchange system for novel coronavirus SARS-COV-2 and other emerging pathogens.

Important takeaways of WHO :

Global facility launched by WHO
  • Formation : 7 April, 1948
  • Headquarters : Geneva, Switzerland
  • Director General : Tedros Adhanom
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Global facility launched by WHO
Global facility launched by WHO

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