Food Waste Index Report 2021

Food Waste Index Report 2021, recently published by UNEP

Food Waste Index Report 2021
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The United Nation Environment Programme ( UNEP ) published the “Food Waste Index Report 2021”.

It was prepared by using data from 54 countries and then extrapolated to the remaining countries.

  • As per the UNEP report, estimated 931 million tonnes of food were wasted across the world 2019.
  • The Food Waste Index Report aims at supporting the goals of SDG 12.3 .
  • The agency also highlighted that this amount of wasted food can circle the earth 7 times.
  • The index report was published by the UNEP in collaboration with the parteners organization WRAP.

Out of total waste generation:

  • Households accounts sixty one percent (61%) of waste
  • Food services accounts for twenty six percent (26%) of waste
  • While the retail accounts for thirteen percent (13%) of waste
  • Estimates suggest that 8-10 % of global greenhouse gas emission are associated with food that is not consumed.
  • Food waste also has a sustainable environment, social & economic impact.

Important takeaways of UNEP for all competitive exams :

  • Formation : 5 June,1972
  • Headquarters : Nairobi (Kenya)
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Food Waste Index Report 2021

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