Finnish Wooden Satellite

Finnish Wooden Satellite : World First Wooden Satellite aims to reach space by the end of 2021

Finnish Wooden Satellite
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A Finland company, Artic Astronautics, will send the first wooden satellite of the world into space by the end of 2021.

  • The wooden satellite, known as WISA Woodsat, is a cube-shaped nano-satellite.
  • The cube satellite is sized 10cm each in length, height and width.


  • The move is aimed to test if wood as a material can survive the vacuum, cold, heat and radiation in space.
  • It will help the scientists in monitoring how the wood reacts in the heat, cold, radiation, and vacuum of space.

Important highlights :

  • The satellite will be launched from New Zealand on a rocket Electron developed by Rocket Lab, an American aerospace manufacturer.
  • To monitor if and how the satellite survives the harsh conditions of the lower earth orbit, ESA is deploying a suite of sensors to the satellite.
  • The wood used in the satellite has been vacuum-dried to lose the humidity that can cause trouble in space.
  • The non-wood parts outside the wooden satellite are a metal selfie stick and corner aluminium rails for the purpose of its deployment in space.
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  • This wooden satellite will help the scientists monitor how does wood reacts in the cold, heat, radiation, and the vacuum of space.
  • If it survives well, then wood could become a possible material for use in space.
  • His company makes satellite replicas that are fully functional and orbit ready.
Finnish Wooden Satellite
Finnish Wooden Satellite

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