Fengyun Satellite

Fengyun Satellite : China launches Fengyun-3E meteorological satellite

Fengyun Satellite
Fengyun Satellite
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China launched the new Fengyun-3E ( FY-3E ), world’s first meteorological satellite from the SLS-2 launch site at China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre.
The satellite had launched onboard the Long March 4C carrier rocket, which placed it in to it’s planned orbit.
This was the 377th flight mission of the Long March rocket series, according to the China National Space Administration.

Fengyun 3-E Satellite :

  • The FY-3E is the fifth in the series and the third operational satellite.
  • Equipped with 11 remote sensing payloads, FY-3E will be the world’s first meteorological satellite in early morning orbit for civil service.
  • It is Operated by the China Meteorological Administration and the National Satellite Meteorological Center.
  • Fengyun 3E had a launch mass of approximately 2,250 kg and a three year guaranteed orbital lifetime.
  • It will maintain a field of view of the ground that stretches across 3,000 km.
  • The satellite is designed for an eight year lifespan.

Main obtainance :

  • It will mainly obtain atmospheric temperature, humidity and other meteorological parameters for prediction applications, all to improve China’s weather forecasting capabilities.
  • The satellite will also monitor solar and space environments and their effects, as well as ionospheric data to meet the needs of space weather forecasts and supporting services.

China National Space Administration ( CNSA ) :

  • Formation : 22 April 1993
  • Headquarters : Beijing
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Fengyun Satellite
Fengyun Satellite

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