Envision Mission to Venus

Envision Mission to Venus by Europe Space Agency ( All important highlights and details, you should know )

Envision Mission to Venus
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The European Space Agency ( ESA ) has announced that it has selected Envision as it’s next orbiter that will visit Venus sometime in the 2030s.

Key highlights :

  • Envision is a ESA led mission with contribution from NASA.
  • NASA, meanwhile, is planning to send DAVINCI+ and VERITAS missions to Venus for an expected cost of $500 million each.
  • Once launched in an Ariane 6 Rocket , the spacecraft will take about 15 months to reach and will take 16 more months to achieve orbit .
  • The mission was chosen over an astrophysics project called Theseus, which would have studied very distant gamma-ray bursts and other transient events, with the goal of understanding the life cycle of the very first stars.
  • Currently, the ESA projects EnVision will launch in May 2032, arriving at Venus in August 2033.
  • It will use the planet’s atmosphere to aerobrake, reaching its final science orbit by 2035.
  • Venus, second planet from the Sun and sixth in the solar system in size and mass.


The mission will carry a range of instruments to study the planet’s atmosphere and surface, monitor trace gases in the atmosphere and analyse its surface composition.

Instruments for the mission :

  • ESA said that EnVision would have numerous instruments, including a sounder for revealing underground layering and spectrometers to understand the surface and the atmosphere of Venus.
  • With the help of the spectrometers, the scientists aim to look at the composition of the surface and the gases that form the atmosphere.
  • The spectrometer would also monitor any changes that would indicate active volcanic activity. Meanwhile, with the help of a radar provided by NASA, the mission would image as well as map the Venusian surface.
Envision Mission to Venus
A new planet discovered by NASA
Envision Mission to Venus

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