Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021, 09June

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021 of 09 June by experts to increase general awareness section for all competitive exams especially UPSE, State PCS, CDS, SSC, Banking exams, RRB, NTPC etc!

1) Which country has approved the second Chinese COVID 19 vaccine ‘ CoronaVac ‘ for emergency use?

  • A) India
  • B) Bangladesh
  • C) Singapore
  • D) Japan

Ans : B) Bangladesh

2) Government of which state/UT has launched doorstep delivery service for oxygen concentrators?

  • A) Goa
  • B) Ladakh
  • C) Odisha
  • D) Jammu & Kashmir

Ans : C) Odisha

3) Which state government has set a target to vaccinate 10 crore people in next three months?

  • A) Assam
  • B) Manipur
  • C) Uttar Pradesh
  • D) Jharkhand

Ans : C) Uttar Pradesh

4) Dr. Jitendra Singh inspected proposed site of Arun Jaitley Memorial Sports Complex in which district of Jammu and Kashmir?

  • A) Udhampur
  • B) Kathua
  • C) Kistwar
  • D) Bandipora

Ans : B) Kathua

5) According to the India’s State Environment Report 2021, India has been ranked at what position among 192 countries?

  • A) 117th
  • B) 167th
  • C) 127th
  • D) 137th

Ans : A) 117th


6) Which state has launched state annual priority sector credit plan, recently?

  • A) Rajasthan
  • B) Kerala
  • C) Odisha
  • D) Maharashtra

Ans : D) Maharashtra

7) Who launched E-100 pilot project on the occasion of World Environment Day in Pune?

  • A) Amit Shah
  • B) Narendra Modi
  • C) Ravi Shankar Prasad
  • D) Piyush Goyal

Ans : B) Narendra Modi

8) CM of which state has announced to create 80 acres of ” Oxi-van “?

  • A) Himachal Pradesh
  • B) Bihar
  • C) Haryana
  • D) Uttar Pradesh

Ans : C) Haryana

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021
Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021

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