Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021, 30 May

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021 of 30 May by experts to increase general awareness section for all competitive exams especially UPSE, State PCS, CDS, SSC, Banking exams, RRB, NTPC etc!

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021:

1) Who has been recently appointed as president of Musee du Louvre museum?

  • A) Des Cars
  • B) Antonio Joe
  • C) Sojeph Reo
  • D) Rij Wat

Ans : A) Des Cars

2) Which state has launched Sanjeevani Pariyojna?

  • A) Rajsthan
  • B) Mijoram
  • C) Haryana
  • D) West Bengal

Ans : C) Haryana

3) Who expounded the Gandhian plan in 1944 ?

  • A) Kasturi Bhai Lal Bhai
  • B) Jai Prakash Narayan
  • C) N R Sarkar
  • D) S N Agrawal

Ans : D) S N Agrawal

4) Who has been recently appointed as CEO of CSS corp?

  • A) Sunil Mittal
  • B) Chakradhar Raj
  • C) Darpan Chottala
  • D) Girik Sinha

Ans : A) Sunil Mittal

5) Who launched Sehal OPD Portal ?

  • A) Raj Nath Singh
  • B) Dev Vrat Singh
  • C) Shivraj Singh
  • D) Hariom Rao

Ans : A) Raj Nath Singh

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021

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