Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021 of 26 May by experts to increase general awareness section for all competitive exams especially UPSE, State PCS, CDS, SSC, Banking exams, RRB, NTPC etc!

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1) Union cabinet has approved the opening of a new Consulate General of India in Addu City, Maldives in which year?

  • A) 2022
  • B) 2025
  • C) 2021
  • D) 2030

Ans. C) 2021

2) Lakshmi Narayan will take Oath as the Protem speaker of the 15th Legislative Assembly of ___________.

  • A) Uttar Pradesh
  • B) Odisha
  • C) Tamil Nadu
  • D) Puducherry

Ans. D) Puducherry

3) Who among the following launched the 1st phase of data analytics driven MCA21 Version 3.0 ?

  • A) Jitendra Singh
  • B) Hardeep Singh Puri
  • C) Anurag Singh Thakur
  • D) Rao Inderjit Singh

Ans. C) Anurag Singh Thakur

4) Government will give assistance of how much amount to each Transgender person in view of COVID-19 pandemic?

  • A) Rs. 2000
  • B) Rs. 1800
  • C) Rs. 1500
  • D) Rs. 1000

Ans. C) Rs. 1500

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021

5) BCCI will contribute how many Oxygen Concentrators to boost India’s efforts in overcoming pandemic?

  • A) 2000
  • B) 1500
  • C) 3000
  • D) 4500

Ans. A) 2000

6) India and which country have signed a three year work program for cooperation in agriculture?

  • A) Sri Lanka
  • B) Israel
  • C) Bangladesh
  • D) Nepal

Ans. B) Isreal

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021

7) EAM Jayshankar held productive strategy session with TS Tirumurti and India’s UN team in _________.

  • A) Chicago
  • B) New York
  • C) Los Angeles
  • D) Houston

Ans. B) New York

8) Which ministry has decided to set up a National Mission on the use of Biomass in coal based thermal power plants?

  • A) Ministry of chemicals and fertilizers
  • B) Ministery of powers
  • C) Ministry of New and Renewable energy
  • D) Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Ans. B) Ministry of Power

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Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021
Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021
Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021

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