Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021, 17 June

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021 of 17 June by experts to increase general awareness section for all competitive exams especially UPSE, State PCS, CDS, SSC, Banking exams, RRB, NTPC etc!

1) GL certified Jalgaon banana has been exported to Dubai recently, Jalgaon banana got GL certification in _________.

  • A) 2014
  • B) 2015
  • C) 2016
  • D) 2017

Ans : C) 2016

2) Government of which state will soon set up Vedic Education Board revival of sanskrit knowledge?

  • A) Maharashtra
  • B) Rajasthan
  • C) Delhi
  • D) UP

Ans : B) Rajasthan

3) Which state government had appointed Mukund Swami as Brand Ambassador of Corona Vaccination Program due to selfless service?

  • A) Manipur
  • B) Rajasthan
  • C) West Bengal
  • D) Maharashtra

Ans : D) Maharashtra

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4) Centre has allocated how much amount to Tamil Nadu under Jal Jeevan Mission to make provision of tap water supply to everyone’s house?

  • A) Rs. 3,691 Crore
  • B) Rs. 2,018 Crore
  • C) Rs. 2,436 Crore
  • D) Rs. 4,245 Crore

Ans : A) 3,691 Crore

5) Who addressed the inaugural ceremony of Global Yoga Conference 2021?

  • A) Shripad Yesho Naik
  • B) Ram Lal Chaube
  • C) Harsh Vardhan
  • D) Narendra Modi

Ans : C) Harsh Vardhan

6) Who held a high level meeting recently, to review the preparedness to deal with the flood situation in the country?

  • A) Prahlad Joshi
  • B) Giriraaj Singh
  • C) Mamta Banerjee
  • D) Amit Shah

Ans : D) Amit Shah

7) Who will deliver the Keynote address of the 5th edition of VivaTech of June 17?

  • A) Smirti Irani
  • B) Narendra Modi
  • C) Jay Shankar Pradas
  • D) Prakash Javedkar

Ans : B) Narendra Modi

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021, 16 June

8) Railway will invest how much amount of modernization of Signaling, telecommunication and other infrastructure?

  • A) Rs. 55,000 Crore
  • B) Rs. 66,000 Crore
  • C) Rs. 77,000 Crore
  • D) Rs. 88,000 Crore

Ans : A) Rs. 55,000 Crore

Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021
Current Affairs Quiz Questions 2021

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