Coconut Development Board Act 1979

Coconut Development Board Act 1979, Cabinet approves amendment

Coconut Development Board Act 1979
The Union Cabinet approved the proposal of amendments to the Coconut Development Board Act, 1979 for famer walfare to make it more efficient to carry out the activities of farming and production of coconut.
Now, the Cabinet had approved to make the post of chairman of the board.
  • The post of the chairman will be non-executive and there would be a CEO for executive powers.
  • Those who have field experience will be appointed as non-executive chairman of the board.
It will be beneficial to the coconut growers at large.
The board will now carry out the activities related to the development of coconut outside the country too.

Coconut development board act :

  • The Act came into force on the 17th of March, 1979 and extends to whole of India.
  • Through this Act, the Union took the Coconut Industry under its control as a matter of public interest.
  • This Act consists of five Chapters and 21 Sections.
  • A Coconut Development Board has been established under this Act on 12th January 1981and comes under the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • The Board has its head-quarters at Kochi in Kerala.
  • It has set up six state centers and nine Demonstration cum Seed Production (DSP) Farms.
  • It has also established a Technology Development Center at Aluva.
  • It also maintains a Fund for these purposes, known as the Coconut Development Fund.
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Coconut Development Board Act 1979
Coconut Development Board Act 1979

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