China launches Schenzhou-12

China launches Schenzhou-12 : China successfully launches mission sending astronauts to new space station

China launches Schenzhou-12
Photo : Reuters
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China launched 3 astronauts as it’s first crew to it’s new Tiangong space station on June 17, 2021 the country’s first manned spaceflight in nearly 5 years.

The high stakes mission, named Schenzhou 12, was launched on the back of long March 2F rocket in the North western Gansu province.

Objective :

  • The primary objective for Commander Nie Haisheng and his team on the Shenzhou-12 mission is to bring the 22.5-tonne Tianhe module into service.

Key points :

  • The three men – Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo – are to spend three months aboard the Tianhe module some 380km (236 miles) above the Earth.
  • This space mission is 3rd of 11 missions needed to built Tiangong, the country’s new space station.
  • The Shenzhou-12 spacecraft, or Divine Vessel, was launched on a Long March-2F carrier rocket Thursday morning, from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China’s Gobi Desert.
  • The mission will send the crew to the core module of the planned space station, called Tiangong or Heavenly Palace, which is still under construction in a low Earth orbit.
  • The launch was carried with a Long March-2F carrier rocket.
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  • It will be China’s longest crewed space mission to date and the first in nearly five years.
  • Beijing’s aim is for the country to become a major spacefaring power by 2030, turning space into the newest frontier of its rivalry with the United States.
China launches Schenzhou-12
Photo : Reuters
China launches Schenzhou-12

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