Biden Putin Summit

Biden Putin Summit : US and Russian President’s deserve credit for trying to detox a relationship that had become some poisonous

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The President of the US Joe Biden and the Russian President Vladimir Putin held a high-stakes summit on June 16, 2021.
  • This was also Biden’s first meeting with the Russian President after he took oath as the US President.
  • The meeting came at a point when the relationship between the two countries is at one of its lowest points.
  • Biden and Putin did well to create a framework for sustained engagement on a range of issues, including arms control and cyber security, while communicating their respective red lines.
  • Sceptics will wait to see how US and Russian officials translate the political understanding between the two leaders into concrete outcomes.
  • The demonisation of Putin in the US had acquired unprecedented proportions amidst charges of Russian political interference in the US presidential elections and allegations of Moscow’s support to a series of cyber attacks on critical American infrastructure, including oil pipelines.
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  • Biden set expectations so low for his first face-to-face encounter with Putin that anything more than someone not showing up at all amounted to breaking even.
  • After the summit had concluded, the ornate French style manor home was locked up and the leaders were jetting in opposite directions home, the state of relations between the United States and Russia seemed about the same as before.
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Biden Putin Summit
Biden Putin Summit

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