Article 239AA

Article 239AA : “Government of NCT of Delhi ( Amendment ) Bill, 2021, all important points

Article 239AA
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The Ministry of Home Affairs ( MHA ) introduced the “Government of NCT of Delhi ( Amendment ) Bill, 2021 in the the Lok Sabha on March 15, 2021.

  • The bill proposes that the “Government ” in the national capital territory of Delhi means ” Lieutenant Governor” ( L-G ) of Delhi.
  • It provides for the discretionary powers of L-G of Delhi even in matters where the law making power rests with the Legislative Assembly of Delhi.
  • The proposes bill further seeks to ensure that the L- G is “necessarily granted an opportunity” in order to give openion before any decision of the Council of Ministers of Delhi Cabinet is implemented.

Article 239AA

  • The bill was introduced in order to amend sections 21 ,24 ,33 and 44 of Act of 1991.
  • The UT was established in the year 1991 in accordance with Article 239AA of the Constitution.
  • Although its a union territory , is not administrated by the president acting through the LG under article 239.
  • The Article was inserted by the Sixty- ninth ( Amendment ) Act, 1991 of the constitution.
  • The National Capital Territory of Delhi ( NCT ) is a special union territory of India jointly administrated by the Central government.
Article 239AA

Basic facts of Delhi :

  • Formation of National Union Territory : 1992
  • Number of districts : 11
  • Lieutenant Governor : Anil Baijal
  • Chief Minister : Arvind Kejriwal
  • Deputy Chief Minister : Manish Sisodiya
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Article 239AA

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